Has a loved one passed away while overseas? Planning such a funeral can be even more stressful. Learn how you can honour your loved one.

4 Gift Ideas for Funeral Services

12 February 2019
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If you are planning the funeral of a loved one, you may be trying to think of ways in which you can include guests in the service. Not everyone who attends a funeral will have the chance to perform a reading or act as a pallbearer. Thankfully, there are some other things you can do which will help to ensure that everyone is involved. One way of making mourners at a funeral feel part of the ceremony is to give them a small gift. Read More …

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Organising a funeral after an overseas death

My mum died last year when she was on holiday. It was a shock to us all because although she was 85 she was a very sprightly and with it lady up until the end. She ended up having a bad fall and hitting her head, and that was that. It was quite a fuss to get the body back to Australia and to organise the funeral. I didn't know where to turn and had trouble finding information online so I thought I'd start a blog. This site has some tips for other people trying to organise a funeral after an overseas death.