Why Gravestone Maintenance Should Be Scheduled With Cemetary Restoration

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Why Gravestone Maintenance Should Be Scheduled With Cemetary Restoration

9 September 2018
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Cemetery restoration is essential in keeping the site well kept. However, this service is not merely about keeping the grass even and attractive. Another vital element of restoration is routinely maintaining the gravestones. These gravestones do not just function to identify the final resting place of the deceased. They are also a tribute to the person's life. And with changing climatic conditions couples with ageing, the gravestones are bound to look decrepit with time. The more the headstones degrade, the worse the impact they make to the overall kerb appeal of the cemetery. This piece examines a few of the other reasons why gravestone maintenance should be scheduled with cemetery restoration

Gravestone maintenance is a means of paying respect to the deceased

When families choose a gravestone monument for their deceased loved ones, a lot of thought and consideration is put into how best they can honour their life. Since these markers are a way of celebrating their lives, it is critical to ensure that they are paid the same respect by keeping them in excellent condition. Gravestone maintenance helps in acknowledging the life that was lost, and anyone who comes across the monument will be aware that the deceased did leave an impact on the people they left behind.

Gravestone maintenance helps in easy identification of the burial site

While the family members of the deceased may automatically the site where their loved one was buried, this is not the case for all visitors to the cemetery. When a gravestone is covered in dirt, moss and so on, the name of the deceased can become marred, and this makes it significantly challenging for other people to know where the deceased was buried. Not to mention that generations down the line people may want to come to pay their respects to the deceased but will be unable to discern the grave site due to a worn-down marker. To make it easier for visitors to confirm the burial site, it is recommended to engage in regular gravestone maintenance.

Gravestone maintenance can deter the occurrence of vandalism

While vandalism of gravesites is abhorrent, this does not mean that it is not prevalent. And the perpetrators of this crime tend to lean toward gravestone markers that are dilapidated under the impression that nobody is keeping a watchful eye on these burial sites. With routine gravestone maintenance, you ensure that the monuments stay in pristine condition, which can lower the risk of the site being vandalised.

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