Do You Need to Pre-Plan Your Funeral? Here Are the Benefits of Being Your Own Funeral Director

Has a loved one passed away while overseas? Planning such a funeral can be even more stressful. Learn how you can honour your loved one.

Do You Need to Pre-Plan Your Funeral? Here Are the Benefits of Being Your Own Funeral Director

4 December 2017
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Whilst none of us really enjoy contemplating our own death -- or talking about funeral planning -- it might surprise you to learn just how many benefits it offers. Below, you'll find out exactly why pre-planning your funeral is a wise idea. 

The Service Goes According to Your Own Direction

Whilst pre-planning your funeral, you'll effectively get to act as your own funeral director. You'll be able to customise and direct virtually every component of the funeral, including: 

  • The choice between burial and cremation
  • The choice of casket or urn -- from elaborate to basic, it's under your control
  • The type of service: you can opt for a religious service or a non-religious one
  • The people who will speak at the funeral
  • The decor at the funeral -- even down to the colours of flowers if you wish
  • The invitation list for the funeral -- from a family-only service to a large service that includes the entire community, it's up to you
  • Whether the funeral is publicised in the media or not -- you can even determine what should be said in the obituary if you like
  • What type of music is used during the funeral

The Finances Are Under Your Control

If you pre-plan your funeral, you'll be able to control your finances -- and this can impact how much your beneficiaries will eventually receive. It's within your control to spend a fortune for an incredibly elaborate funeral, or to spend only the bare minimum for a simple one. There are many different ways that money can be allocated during a funeral, and pre-planning allows you to spend the money on the things that you feel are most important. 

The Burden is Taken Away From Your Family

Another significant advantage of pre-planning your funeral is that you'll take a large burden away from your family. After any death, the family members left behind are in a state of intense mourning -- hardly the best emotional condition for making major decisions. By pre-planning your funeral, you'll know that your family won't be left with the burden of planning and organising a funeral whilst they're still deep in mourning and shock. 

Ultimately, your funeral should represent you and your life -- and who is better qualified to direct that than you are? You'll have peace of mind, and give your family that same gift, when you plan your own funeral. Contact a local funeral services provider today to learn more about pre-planning your funeral. 

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