Funeral Trends That Every Funeral Home Should Consider

Has a loved one passed away while overseas? Planning such a funeral can be even more stressful. Learn how you can honour your loved one.

Funeral Trends That Every Funeral Home Should Consider

23 February 2017
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Funeral homes have come under fire in recent years for everything from being too expensive to having hidden fees and simply not being modern enough to handle certain requests. Though this is a wide range misconception that many funeral homes are falling under, it is something that can be easily fixed by simply keeping a tab on the pulse of what people want from their funeral homes. If you are trying to reach out to new clients and shake off the misconceptions that may come with funeral home services, consider these funeral trends that may help.

Getting Social Media Presence

One of the biggest trends is to have a social media presence. A social media presence allows you to answer questions, receive feedback, and allow people who are mobile to find you easily. This also allows you to have your funeral home connected to the community, and it let's you showcase the services that your funeral home offers.

In addition to these benefits of grabbing onto this social media trend, you can also advertise when your funeral home offers pre-planning packages, price breaks, and sales on funeral service options.

Being Clear about Fees

One of the biggest complaints from people when it comes to funeral homes is finding out about other fees or prices after they have already started the planning or funeral arrangement process. Some people call these hidden fees or say that funeral homes are hiding their real fees.

A trend with many funeral homes who are trying to break free of this viewpoint is to be very clear about all fees and offering itemized price lists. These lists are not general either. They are very specific and list every fee that is associated with the funeral arrangements. This offers transparency and gives people the sense of trust that they need to have a good experience with the funeral home and situation.

Offering Streaming Options

With the chaos of daily life, appointments, work schedules, and other issues, it may be difficult to have everyone attend a funeral when the family is able to hold it. One of the options you can offer extended family and friends is the ability to watch the funeral on a live stream. This can be offered through the obituary page that is put out on social media by your funeral home or offered on the funeral home website. You can also create a password or have the family create a password that people will need to view the funeral. This trend reaches out to people on a level that shows your funeral home is willing to offer multiple ways to make it easier on their family to pay their respects during this emotional time.

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